For all of us, our Pets are close Family members. We understand that cats tend to be lazy –
they need a breathable, non-allergenic Bedding material, while dogs like to scratch – they’ll
scratch off anything that’s not securely sewn. However, we also know that all pets love a
healthy environment and comfort!

We can proudly confirm we have developed the best features of our Pet Bedding for our
large family of pets. For this reason, we only offer Bedding for cats and dogs made of
healthy materials, adapted to the needs and interests of each pet, and sewn with love and

Dora Cocker was born out of a love for homes, animals, and their owners: a home that is
stylish, cozy, and clean. The animals are happy to have their cozy corner where they can
feel comfortable, warm, or chilly. And most importantly – to have a good night's rest. For
owners – it is easy to care for and wash and is space-saving. It is convenient as you do not
have to store separate beds for each season. 

MISSION – 100% satisfied customers. Happy pets – happy owners. We strive to handcraft
long-lasting, quality, and comfortable products for dogs and cats. We want to ensure your
beloved pets have a great rest and a long life. 

VISION – Strive to share our genuine care and love-filled products with owners around the
world. Our products are for those who love themselves, their homes, and their four-legged

VALUES – Time. We value your time, which is why we fulfill all orders within 5-14 days. If we
didn’t meet your deadline, we will issue you a full refund. Quality. The quality and health of
your pet's resting time are important to us. To ensure the comfort of your four-legged friends
and the durability of the Bedding, we constantly improve the quality of our production. We
developed it to the highest standards. Easy care. All Beddings are machine washable. Easily
removable covers. Stylish design.

Let the Bedding become a part of your interior. A variety of colors will allow you to find the
right combination for even the most demanding. Versatility. We always want you to be able
to use the same bed in winter and summer. We save space in your home, therefore you
don’t need to store separate Bedding for different seasons. Flexibility. We appreciate your
desire to have a unique color combination or different dimensions. We are always open to
innovation and enthusiastic about working with you for further improvement.