For your comfort and practicality, all beddings are washable or otherwise easy to clean. If the inner cushions fall or become deflated, they can be replenished via the zipper in the cushion. You can buy the refill in the “Accessories” section of our shop.

Attention! The foam cannot be washed. You can replace worn foam with new foam. You will find it in the category ‘Accessories’

If you want to have a replacement cover (what I call ‘one wash, one throw’) during the washing process, you can buy an extra cover only, which you will find in the ‘Accessories’ category.

If the dog breaks parts of the bed: the rod, the foam, you can buy them in the “Accessories” section of the shop

If the cover is torn or ruined by the dog, we can repair it. Please email us at with a description of the problem and a photo.

Maintenance of the Cave Beddings:

The cave cover is zipped and easy to remove. The rod pulls out through the unwind track. The cover and the pillow, together with the stuffing, can be machine washed. Polyester Urv 40C;

Before washing the cavity cover, it is necessary to remove the inner pillow, foam and rod. After washing, shake well (no wrinkles will remain) and leave to dry naturally. The polyester fabric can be ironed but need not be.

The inner pillow can be washed with the stuffing inside, as long as it fits in the washing machine. For a large bedding, all or part of the pile can be removed through the zipper and then washed at 40°C.

It is not recommended to tumble dry the pillowcase and the inner pillow – not tested!

Care of the Delux Cave Beddings:

The velour surface wipes clean easily with a damp cloth.

The cave cover is zipped and easily removable. The cover and the pillow can be machine washed.

The inner pillow, foam and rod must be removed before washing. Wash on a delicate programme at 30°C. Do not tumble dry! Once washed, hand iron the velour cover and leave to dry naturally. Do not iron!

The inner pillow can be washed with the stuffing inside as long as it fits in the washing machine. Only separately from the top to avoid staining! For a large pillow, all or part of the down can be removed through the zipper and then washed at 40°C. Not recommended for tumble drying – not tested!

Care of the Cooling Mattress Bedding:

The cover has an L-shaped zipper, so it is very easy to remove and put on the mattress. The cover and the pillow-board are machine washable at 40°C. Can not be ironed.

The pillow-board is peelable and can be glued on the desired side.

The waterproof mattress pad (if included) can be washed at 30°C. Džiovyklėje džiovinti negalima!  Do not iron.

Care of the Bedding “Wheel”:

Use both sides of the bedding. To change to the other side, turn the bedding out like a hat.

The bottom is double. Inside there is a soft cushion, which can be replenished via its zipper. The fabric of the inner cushion is interwoven with a layer of synthetic foam, so that the animal will never get down to the hard floor. The bottom of the fur side has a zipper and the inner cushion can be removed when unzipped.

The whole bed, including the inner cushion and its padding, is machine washable at 40°C. We recommend removing the inner cushion before washing to make it easier to pass through the washing machine opening. Drying in a tumble dryer has not been tested and is therefore not recommended. It is best left to dry naturally.