About the founder

My name is Goda Gedvilienė – I am a founder of the Dora Cocker brand and a designer of
our Pet Bedding. I design beds, bedspreads, and other products for dogs and cats. I
designed and sew the first production models myself.

How was this brand born?

The idea of Dora Cocker was born with the addition of another member to our family home –
Dora. We decided to save her life as we surrendered her at three months old. Dora was
uncomfortable and shy in her new home, so we had to find a comfortable and suitable bed
for her as soon as possible. Unfortunately, I have not been able to find anything quality,
durable and beautiful in our local shops. So I made my first bed with my strength and
knowledge. Dora is the inspiration for this maturity. Every day she contributes by testing
fabrics and new Bedding designs. Her reaction when testing all the products is significantly
important to me because it is the dog’s genuine opinion: If they don’t like it – they sniff it and
walk away. If they love it – they can’t let it go!