Frequently asked questions

Size recommendations for each Bedding can be found here:

Polyester fabric – soft, strong, and resistant to abrasion and nail scratches.
Deluxe fabric is a luxurious upholstery velour, strong and animal friendly. OEKO-TEX
Standard 100.

Yes, we manufacture to the dimensions of the cage. We also recommend colors and fabrics
to match the dog’s fur and make the hair less visible.

Yes, we send items all over the world. Until the e-shop is ready for overseas shipments,
please kindly contact us at and we will contact you to arrange the
shipping method as soon as possible.

The Cave, a warm bed with a roof for dogs and cats, is ideal for them.

Westies prefer open beds or kennels that do not touch their fur. The open, very comfortable
“Circle” Bedding is designed for them.

For these long-haired, large dogs, our new design “Cooling mattress with sides” is ideal.

In this case, you can contact us, and we will fix your bed if possible at an agreed rate. If the
Bedding is no longer possible to repair, you can order the part of the Bedding that needs
replacing: the cover, the inner cushion, the foam, or the rod.

If the size is not right, you can return it and exchange it for another size.

The welfare of the dog comes first. If you do not like it, you can return it within 14 days. You can choose a different bed instead or receive your money back.