Generally older dogs suffer from joint pain or have joint conditions. Joint pain is caused by old age or the dog being overweight. The heavier the dog, the more additional load is being put on its joints and this leads to pain. Pelvic pain is more common in female dogs as well as overweight dogs or dogs that went through physical trauma. 

One of the first symptoms that the dog is suffering from joint pain is avoiding extra movement. The dog typically lays down more often or spends time sleeping and napping during active hours, difficulty walking after napping may also occur. They gradually become more sensitive to the cold, and more susceptible to temperature changes, especially from hot to cold. One of the worst things for a dog with joint issues is swimming in cold water during springtime – it should be strictly prohibited. 

During the cold season, the dog must be kept safe from getting too cold. This is why it is recommended to cover one’s back with appropriate dog attire. Not too tight so it doesn’t disturb the blood flow. The back must be covered, but the legs/paws can be uncovered. 

 Many owners wonder – what pet bed would be the most suitable for their dog? Veterinarian professionals recommend pet beds with memory foam. This type of pet bed adapts to the dog’s body shape and does not disrupt the blood flow. The pet bed shouldn’t be too tall so the dog doesn’t have to jump on it and not too thin so the dog doesn’t get too cold from the floor. Dogs with joint problems need to be protected from drafts so it is ideal if the dog can be covered in their bed. The bed should be warm, cozy, and most importantly a safe space. 

Dogs with joint (or other health issues) want to have their own safe space where they can rest undisturbed. It is very important to keep the dog premises such as their bed private, especially from kids and other disturbances because they might be moody. The dog may become aggressive, it may even bite because of frustration caused by pain, because it’s their way of communicating “leave me alone, I’m in pain!”
Dogs experiencing joint pain must be taken to the vet for a check-up on a regular basis and prescribed medication or pain-relieving remedies if needed.