What our customers who have had a bedding say after one year?

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Of the many Beddings I have bought, our most favorite is “Cave”. Ogutis enjoys it very
much, he not only sleeps in it but also eats in it. It has been washed many times and the
colors have not changed.

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My pet's favorite Bedding is “Rice Grain” Bedding. He likes to sleep all day long on top of it
and crawl inside. After owning this Bedding for over a year, it still looks brand new.

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Bela has been spending her days in this Bedding for the whole year, like a bear’s ear. It is
made of a magical fabric that sheds its hair exceptionally easy.


Very high-quality Bedding that also is a decoration for my house. My Pet sleeps in it from day one.


After the old one wore out, I searched for a new one for a long time, and I think I have found the perfect one. It's well-made and beautiful, with a lot of thought put into the details. The dog is covered and asleep, so it's all set off.