Large dog pillow bed – snuggle sack, Dark grey -cream


A particularly delicate pillow with a roof. For pets who like to crawl under the bed, hide and keep warm.

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This bed will make your dog feel like he is under his owner’s bed.
Suitable for all seasons. In winter, it will be cosy and warm when snuggled under the roof. And in summer, the pillow can be converted by flipping it over, or by removing the roof (shown in the photo).
This pillow is made in such a way that the dog will never get it to the floor.

We’ve made the design special so that the animal can always find a place to stick its nose and crawl inside. To do this, the edge of the roof is curved and wavy.
The pillow is square.
If the roof is not needed, it can be flipped to the other side (as shown in the photo). This leaves a fur pillow without a roof.
Quality materials ensure a long service life. The inner cushion is made of a special fabric with a synthetic layer. Therefore, the dog will never lie down with the pillow on the bare floor. With the unzipping of the zipper, the fluff can be refilled.

Are you unsure about whether your puppy will like the bed? That’s understandable! We’ll give you a 7-day trial period. If your pet doesn’t like it, you can return it and we’ll give you a refund (shipping costs will not be refunded).

Main fabric: 100% polyester, extremely abrasion resistant, soft and warm
Fur: 100% polyester
Inner cushion: 100% polyester
Pillow filling: 100% polyester

Easy to care for. 100% Polyester.
Fully machine washable, light programme 30°C.

60 x 60 Toy Terrier, Spitz, Yorkshire, Mini Poodle, Chihuahua, Lioness

70×70 Basenji, Dachshund, Jack Russell, Cocker Spaniel

90 x 90 Whippet, Mini Bull Terrier

100 x 100 for two Vipettes, smaller Vizsla

115 x 115 Bigger Vizsla, Weimaraner