Cat cave Grey with Merino wool 60x60cm


Cats always want to crawl in somewhere, and hairless cats are looking for warmth. This bearing fulfils all their needs.

The  cat cave is special because it is made of natural merino wool. Top fabric is made of very soft, luxurious-looking velour. The hair falls off at the wave of a hand.

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Your cat will be able to rest for long periods of time curled up on the soft cotton pillow stuffed with polyester balls. The cloud and “bed” effect is created by a 3cm foam layer under the pillow.
A raised canopy allows the cat to easily crawl into the cave and observe the surroundings. Can be used without the pole, as the roof is more snug for the animal. And the attached bulb will allow cats to play when they get up.

The merino wool fur has a soothing effect, keep your cat extra warm. Recommended for pets with joint problems as the wool is warming. For small kittens it remainds mothers fur.

The main fabric, upholstery velour, is soft, warm, abrasion-resistant and fluid-resistant. A cotton cushion stuffed with polyester balls and a 3 cm layer of foam underneath create the comfort of a “bed” and protect against chilly floors. It is a durable choice for your pet, as the pillow filling can be replaced with a new one, and the quality materials and the washability of the whole bearing ensure that the item will last for years.

Are you unsure whether your cat will like the “Cave” bed? That’s understandable! We’ll give you a 7-day trial period. If your pet doesn’t like it, you can return it and we’ll give you a refund (shipping costs will not be refunded).

Main fabric: 100% polyester, extremely abrasion resistant, soft and warm. OEKO-TEX certified
Fur: 50% merino wool, 50% polyester. OEKO-TEX certified
Inner pillow: 100% cotton
Pillow filling: 100% polyester

Easy to care for. 100% polyester.
Fully machine washable, light programme 30°C.