Cave Dog Bed cocoa-cream 60x60cm


This choice is a dream for short-haired varieties that need a little more warmth. The raised
canopy allows the dog to slip into a safe oasis, as if under a blanket while keeping an eye on
the surroundings.

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A great way to avoid your dog sleeping in its owner’s bed. There are many success stories
of dogs preferring the Cave for the night rather than climbing into bed.

This bed is an excellent choice for dogs to prevent dog distemper. This comfortable bed will
ensure properly developing joints in young four-legged dogs and a good night’s rest for
those suffering from old dog diseases.

When you buy this great bed, you will receive a dog’s favorite, our tufted bone, as a gift,
worth 10eur!

The raised canopy makes it easy for the dog to slip into the cave and observe the
surroundings. Can be used without the bar, then the roof is more enclosing for the dog.

The polyester base fabric is soft, warm, and abrasion-resistant, so it feels as soft as a cloud.
Your dog will be delighted every time he lies down on the soft cotton pillow stuffed with
polyester balls. The cloud and “bed” effect is created by a cotton cushion stuffed with
polyester balls and a 3 cm foam layer under the pillow. If you want it firmer or softer, unzip
the pillow and you can remove or replenish the padding. The Cave Bed is designed to
protect beloved dogs from cold floors.
You will be able to replace any damaged or worn parts of the bedding. In the “Accessories”
Category you will find a rod, cavity top cover, foam, inner pillow filler, inner pillow cover, and
waterproof inner pillow protector.

Are you unsure whether your dog will like the “Cave” bed? That’s understandable! We’ll give you a 7-day trial period. If your pet doesn’t like it, you can return it and we’ll give you a refund (shipping costs are non-refunable).

Main fabric: 100% polyester, extremely abrasion resistant, soft and warm
Fur: 100% polyester
Inner pillow: 100% cotton
Pillow filling: 100% polyester

Easy to care for. 100% 100% cotton.
Fully machine washable at 40°C.

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