Car seat cover for dogs, sand


This seat cover is recommended for light coated dogs. It will fully protect your back seat from dirt, hair and nail scratches. Universal size.

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The Dora Cocker dog seat cover is universally suitable for all cars. Perhaps the biggest advantages of the seat cover are the waterproofing on both sides and the robust fabric. This seat protector is resistant to dirt, nail scratching and other doggy pranks.

The seat is sewn with a layer of synthetic foam so that it will not be dislodged by the dog.

There are holes for attaching the dog’s harness, through which the machine fasteners can be easily pulled out. If you don’t use the fasteners, you can hide them.

We have applied all the knowledge we have, tested it with Dora and recommend this seat cover to all four-legged owners.

A light colour is recommended for light-coated dogs to keep the hair out of the way and make the sheet look cleaner.

This Dora Cocker cover can be easily integrated into any car.

It is easy to hook onto the head restraints with the rubber loops. The elastics are adjustable in length to fit your car.

There are 18cm drops on all sides of the seat. Thanks to the splitters in the corners, you will find it easy to fit it in any car.

Outer: Codura, impregnated, 100% polyester

Bottom: Oxford, impregnated, 100% polyester

Inside seat: Synthetic, 100% polyester

Easy to maintain, dirt or water can be easily wiped off with a damp cloth.

Machine washable at 30C. Not recommended for very frequent washing.