Car seat cover for dogs (hammock) Sand

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This dog seat cover will fully protect the back seat from dirty paws and nail. Made in Hammock type. Best of all, the cover part is removable so you can seat a passenger!

Light color – recommended for dogs with light fur!

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This color is recommended for light dogs. In this way, the rug will look aesthetically pleasing, because the light hair of the dog will not be visible.

We know how naughty our four-legged friends can be, so we’ve taken care of everything. The seat and sides are sewn with a layer of sintepon, so your dog won’t roll on it. The front seats are covered, so the dog won’t jump forward. The door is also protected by a strong fabric. The sides are zipped up for easy entry and zipped back once the dog is in. With this dog cover, your car will stay completely clean.

SPECIAL ADVANTAGE: When you want to put one person next to the dog in the back seat, you can separate one seat by undoing the contact strip. The rubber, adjustable-length loops easily snap onto the headrests.

And what about the safety of your four-legged friends? There are holes for strapping your dog in, through which the seat belt buckles can be easily pulled out. If you don’t use the buckles, you can hide them.

The seat cover is a universal size. It can be easily integrated in any car.

Made of extra-strong, waterproof fabric.


Seat lenght 132cm, width 50cm, seat back cover high 60cm, front seats cover high 55cm, doors cover high 47c, width at the top 70cm.

Top fabric: Codura, waterproof, extra strong, scratch resistant, 100% polyester.

Bottom: oxford, impregnated, 100% polyester

Inside the seat and sides: sintepon leyer, 100% polyester

Easy to maintain. The dirt or water can be easily wiped off with a damp cloth.

Machine washable at 30C. Not recommended for very frequent washing.